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Different types of Chickens

Standard Breeds

Heavy Breeds


New Hampshire Reds

White Rocks

Speckled Sussex

Silver Laced Wyandottes

White Orpingtons

Buff Orpingtons

Turkens - Naked Necks

Red Star

Black Australorps

Rhode Island Reds

Barred Rock

Partridge Rocks

Buff Rock

Dark Cornish

White Giant

Black Giant

White Wyandottes

Columbian Wyandottes

Light Brahmas

Black Star

White Egg Layers

Silver Spangled Hamburgs

Blue Andalusia

Black Minorca

Single Comb Brown Leghorns


Buff Minorcas

Red Leghorns

The Pearl-White Leghorn

Rose Comb Brown Leghorns

Crested Breeds


White Polish

Golden Polish

Silver Polish

Mottled Houdans

White Crested Black Polish

Buff Laced Polish


Rare or Unusual Breeds


Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Cuckoo Maran



Golden Penciled Hamburgs

Silver Gray Dorkings

Silver Leghorns

Red Caps

Egyptian Fayoumis

Silver Penciled Rocks



Blue Andalusians

White Laced Red Cornish

Golden Laced Wyandottes

Golden Campines

White Faced Black Spanish


Modern Bb Red Games

Silver Penciled Wyandottes

Bantam Breeds

Feather Footed Bantams
Mille Fleur
Light Brahma Bantams
Buff Brahma Bantams
Dark Brahma Bantams
Buff Silkies
Blue Silkies
White Silkies
Black Silkies
Cochin Bantams
White Cochin Bantams
Red Cochin
White Frizzle Cochin
Black Cochin Bantams
Red Frizzle Cochin
Mottled Cochin
Partridge Cochin Bantams
Golden Laced Cochin
Barred Cochin
Blue Cochin Bantams
Buff Cochin Bantams
Birchen Cochins
Black Frizzle Cochin
Bantams - Clean Legged Varieties
Golden Sebright
White Cornish Bantam
Rhode Island Red Bantam
Partridge Wyandotte
Red Pyle Games
Silver Duckwing Old English Game
White Japanese
Black Japanese
Black Tailed White Japanese
Buff Japanese
Quail Antwerp Belgian
Dark Cornish Bantams
Sark Rosecomb
Araucana Bantams
Silver Sebright
Silver Penciled Rock Bantam
Partridge Rock Bantam
B.B. Red Old English Game
White Laced Red Cornish
White Crested Black Polish Bantam