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Silver Spangled Hamburgs


These are one of the snappiest, most alert breeds on the poultry list. Of rather small size, with light but sweeping, graceful outlines, they are elegant and beautiful. They have a kind of bright cheerfulness about them when foraging over open range and they love this kind of situation. Their origin goes back beyond the memory of man in both England and Holland and they were such prolific layers of white eggs that a common name for them was "the Dutch Everyday Layer." Although egg size is medium they are small eaters and cost less to keep than most breeds. The lustrous greenish black spangles on silvery white plumage give them a perky polkadot look. With neat rose combs, white ear lobes, leaden blue shanks and toes, these are excellent small birds for both beauty and utility. Baby chicks are a silver gray with parallel dark and light stripes on the back.

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