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This interesting breed was imported from the island of Sicily over 100 years ago and is another member of the Mediterranean class. It has attracted wide-spread interest over the country because of its unique beauty. The golden color and cup-shaped comb are the basis for the very descriptive name. The comb is a cupshaped crown with a complete circle of medium sized regular points. The male and female do not look alike in coloring. The males are a rich, brilliant orange red with some black spangles in the feather of the body fluff and cape feathers at the base of the hackle; with lustrous, greenish black tail. The base color of the female is buff with all feathers on the body marked by parallel rows of black elongated spangles, giving the hen an appearance of being beautifully spotted and suggesting a ringneck pheasant hen. Skin color is yellow and shanks and toes are a willow green. Because of its unusual appearance the Buttercup is an excellent breed for exhibition projects.

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