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Pond info

Pond Uses

Emergency water source to drink and water plants
Use in Fire protection
Keep Insurance down
Source of food (see below)
Source of recreation (swimming, fishing, canoeing and just sitting by it)

Pond Life

Wild Game residents (Ducks, Geese, Beaver, Muskrat and Turtles)
Attracts wild game (Deer, Turkey, Raccoon and others)
Fish (Catfish, Brim (bluegill Sunfish), Crappie, Bass and Tipia)
Plants (Water Lilies, Cat Tails, Wild rice)
Plants near the Water (Burdock, Cress, and others)

Construction and Types of Ponds

Constructing your pond

Alternate Pond Filters

Live ponds (meaning spring or creek fed)
Dead ponds (meaning one that needs supplemental help to provide life)