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Squabs make a mouth-watering meat dish, see the picture below. Squab (young pigeons) are killed a 4 to 4 and a half weeks old.
If you choose to rear them in cages, you will need to feed them grain and some greens or peas. Make sure the cages are big enough so that the breeding pairs can fly around some.
You will have to provide water for drinking and bathing. Grit for them to have access too, and keep litter on the floor of the cage, that will need to be changed and put in the compost pile.

A pair of pigeons kept in cages will need to feed grain and will raise about 14 squabs a year. So keeping 6 or more pair will go a long way to supplying some of meat needs.

Another and probably a better option is to make a place in the loft of you barn or put building. This will give you access to the meat, but not have to grain them all the time.
Just block off the entrance from time to time and retrieve the squab as you have want. You just have to keep an eye on them and see when they are ready.

You can handle the carcass like you would a chicken or quail.


-  Historically, pigeons have played a significant role in the survival of our ancestors when they were living as hunters and gatherers.

-  Even today, squabbing or meat pigeons can help you improve your quality of life by providing you with a rich source of nutrients at an affordable price.

                                         -  There are very few places in the
                                         world where pigeons are not found or
                                          difficult to raise.

-        A squab is a 25-30 days old pigeon

(nestling) before it learns to fly.

-        At this age, it weighs about 20-24

ounces alive.

-        Squab of this size would dressed

out to be about 14-16 ounces.

-     At this age, the scuab has reached

       it's maximum degree of growth

       plumpness and delicacy.



- Squab meat is dark and rich. It's flavor is full bodied with an accent of wild.

- It is very tender and retains its moisture when cooked.

- Squab dish ranks very high on gourmet foods and found only on the menus of classy restaurants. Since the ancient times it has been a dinner entree for the people from all walks of life.